September 13, 2012

Neuroimmunology, Part 2

Articles by Dr. Erdman are for informational purposes, and are not to be taken as specific medical advice.

Did you know that 80% of your immune system is in your gut? All of the bacteria in your body are called the Bionome. You can control the 80% in your gut; the other 20% is beyond your control, for good or bad. As science learns more about our defense mechanisms, they are realizing that antibodies to disease are but a small part of our lines of defense. Unfortunately, antibody titers are all that conventional medicines approach to disease control cares about. A TH1 response occurs in reaction to naturally obtained infectious diseases.   A TH2 occurs with vaccines and with a few other areas of body responses, like toxin and allergy mediation.

You want a TH1 response for most insults to your immune system. What is involved in a TH1 response? It includes the first, second and third lines of defense. The first line of your body’s defense of itself is actually any barrier that blocks invasion at a portal of entry (mouth, nose, ear, eye, etc.) This line of defense limits access to internal tissues. It is your skin, secretions of eyes, mouth and mucous membranes. It really isn’t a part of the immune system, per se, because it doesn’t involve recognition and response, just barriers to entry. This is where your bionome is important. It’s like a yellow alert to your system.

The second line of defense is white blood fluids causing inflammation and microbe seeking cleanup cells called phagocytes. This line is quick acting once the first line is breached, and is in constant contact with the nervous system. It is the orange alert.

So the first two can be simplified to the body using mechanisms that say “stay away” to microbes at first, then once breached, alerts go to all other defense zones to get prepared to fight something.

The third line of defense is acquired on an individual basis as each foreign substance is encountered. This is our circulating nervous system and incorporates centuries of experience coded in our DNA. This provides long term immunity. When this stage is needed, it is red alert for your body.

The whole process takes 5-7 days to build up to a complete expulsion of a microbe. That’s why it has always been known as an incubation period. It’s your body revving up a response. Once you see the spots of chicken pox, you are already practically over it. The body has done its job and is externalizing the threat.
As you probably know, I’m not a fan of immunizations, any of them. Not only is the science behind them all wrong, but their supposed positive effects on your immune system are completely wrong?

Just to review from last article, a TH2 response, humeral or temporary protection, deals with gaining high antibody titers, and is short lived, needing regular ‘boosters’ to keep the titers high. A TH1 response is a cell mediated response offering lower titers, but a lifetime of protection. We need both responses to adequately defend our bodies, but a TH1 response is a superior, longer lasting protection.

So why does medicine want everyone to be vaccinated and have a TH2 response? Well, vaccines cause an internalization process where you do not outwardly express a disease, so you don’t give it to anybody else. You have no symptoms, which benefits the greater good, right?

Here is where your choice as a parent lies. Do you want to vaccinate for the ‘greater good’, to the detriment of your child’s health, or do you want to allow your child to acquire a lifetime immunity, expressing symptoms and possibly allowing others to contract the disease.

If you are concerned about others getting the disease, just keep your child home for a spell. Throw a party, have like-minded people come over and expose themselves to the disease and pass on centuries of learned DNA responses to keep all of us healthy. Yeah, you read that right! Don’t keep your kids away from people with a normal childhood disease, send them over to play. That’s how it is supposed to work. Sure, you may get spots all over as a kid, but you won’t get shingles later in life, if you keep coming in contact with chicken pox every so often as an adult.

If your child’s immune system is already compromised, such as with chemotherapy or some other serious auto-immune disease, the party thing may not be the best for your situation. Granted, some children can get extremely ill with these diseases, but the majority of normal, healthy children easily overcome them.
Next time, I’ll be talking directly to pregnant women who wish to give their babies the best possible start to life. Shouldn’t that be all of them? You’ll be surprised at how foolish medicine has become regarding prenatal care and the birthing process.