August 30, 2012

Neuroimmunology, Part 1

Articles by Dr. Erdman are for informational purposes, and are not to be taken as specific medical advice.

I recently attended a twelve hour continuing education seminar titled, “Neuroimmunology: Patterns of Influence,” by Dr. Stephen Marini, M.S., D.C., PhD. Today’s article comes from this seminar.  It is going to concentrate on some challenges to the medical paradigm that are held so dear by most physicians, yet makes so little sense when compared to verifiable, scientific truth. This is a very difficult subject to write about due to its complexity, but is vitally important to understand when learning about how to stay healthy naturally.

The conventional medical paradigm holds to some very wrong headed public health ideas, which completely drives their research agendas and public health policy. First off, medicine believes the immune system is independent and autonomous (works alone without help). Scientific research shows this to be completely false. Can thoughts of the mind affect your physical health? You bet.  Have you  ever heard of the placebo effect? Does physical trauma affect the psyche or nervous systems? Sure. No one system stands alone, yet this is how medicine treats the immune system when it tries to fake it out with immunizations for contagious disease.

They believe that natural immunity (actually getting a disease and recovering) is the same as artificial immunity (shots). It is not!  This subject will be another whole article.

The majority of medical research these days has to do with genetic predisposition to disease. This is because they believe your immune responsiveness is genetically determined. The latest real scientific research show only 10-20% of you is determined by your genes, whereas the rest is determined by your environment.
Another belief is that microbes are ‘caught.’ No, microbes are everywhere and you fight them all the time. When you express symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, fever and boils on your skin, the infection has penetrated your system, and the body is externalizing the bug, (kicking it out).

They believe a vaccinated society is a healthier society. The health of a society is evaluated by its infant mortality rate (IMR). Science has definitively proven that the more shots given to infants, the higher the mortality rate, and the less healthy the society. In 2009, the USA gave 26 shots by age 1 and ranked 34th in IMR. In 2012, we now rank 49th, why? Because since 2009, there has been a huge push by medicine to vaccinate pregnant mothers and they’ve more shots to the children’s’ schedule. If you remember just a few short years ago, there were two scenarios in which the medics wouldn’t give a shot: when you’re immune compromised (sick already) or pregnant. They are now breaking their own rules. If you look at IMR and compare it to the number of vaccination doses given, you will find they are inversely proportional around the world. This means as doses go up, less kids live. This is not speculation; it is fact, published in the Human and Experimental Toxicology Journal on May 4, 2011, by Miller and Goldman.

That leads us to another belief they hold. As is stated above, they now must believe that vaccinating during pregnancy does not harm mother or baby. They have no studies to show this is true, but there are statistics like previously stated that show it is suspect at best.

One last challenge to mainstream medicine deals with another one of their high priority vaccines, the flu shot. They believe the seasonal flu vaccine renders you more resistant to colds. In reality, it makes you more susceptible to flu and every other virus you contact, simply because a shot makes your body react completely different when compared to natural immunity.

Here is an assumption medicine makes that has absolutely no scientific study behind it. They believe the human immune system is not adversely affected by vaccinations, and multiple dose injections are innocuous (safe). This is based on nothing but their made up paradigm, there are no studies to prove it.

I write all this because you need to know where they are coming from. Every one of those things is disproven and inaccurate, yet we still base our public health policy on them. You are the bad guy if you don’t toe the line and line up your kids and yourself for their shots.

I’m an anti-vaccine advocate, yet you will not hear me say vaccines don’t work. Why? Because they do increase antibody titers, for a time, then the titer fades, and you need another round called a booster.  Booster shots are given based on research which shows when the least responding individual’s antibody level wanes the fastest.  In other words, it’s not specific to you, or even most people’s responses.  All people are given a booster based on the worst performing person, the lowest common denominator.  Nice. Vaccinations provide humeral immunity, which spikes antibodies then fades. Once an infection gets past the antibodies, and into the cells, antibodies are of no help.  Your body has no further response with a vaccine, so you show no disease, yet you are left with infected cells and altered DNA.  This is called a TH2 response. It is an internalization process.

Natural immunity is called a cell mediated or TH1 response. This is an externalization process.  Next time we’ll see the detailed differences between these responses and why you want a TH1 dominated immune system.