January 17, 2019

More Flu Panic!

Articles by Dr. Erdman are for informational purposes, and are not to be taken as specific medical advice.

Here we go again, the ‘flu season’ is here. These articles on the flu are a broken record. Every year we hear the same misinformation from our wonderful government agencies, and it’s reported like gospel in the media. The USA is officially in a flu panic right now. The CDC (again) reports the worst flu pandemic in a decade. Didn’t we just hear that about the avian flu a few years ago? They urge any and all living beings to be vaccinated yet again.

How many years of hearing this baloney will it take for people to realize the flu vaccine is becoming quite the laughing stock. The most recent article on Saturday, January 12, 2013, in The Daily Item, says this season’s vaccine is “well matched… and still available.” Jump for joy? The next line says, “It is 62% effective… which is pretty good for a flu vaccine.” What? The gospel message is that if you get the shot, you won’t get the disease, right? So, if 62% is a good year, what is a bad year? In school, that’s a failing grade.

In my office, not everyone listens to my “don’t do it” message. In my informal survey with those around me that are sick, I’m finding about 2 out of 3 have gotten the shot. Sad, but true. So, if two thirds of those getting the flu are the same people who got the flu shot, mathematically it can only mean that flu shots increase your chance of getting the flu. Of course the CDC will not release any “official” numbers, because it would reveal the flu industry as a total hoax.

The toxic ‘inert’ ingredients in a flu shot are what harm you. Aluminum, mercury, MSG and formaldehyde are all fully disclosed and acceptable in a flu shot by the CDC. These are known to be toxic and some cause neurological damage. They also suppress the immune system, which is the primary purpose of the vaccines.

The more sick the population gets, the more rush to buy vaccines. Fancy little circle they’ve got going, huh? Mike Adams, from the Health Ranger, says it like this, “You think big pharma is a collection of compassionate, loving angels who care about the people more than they care about profits? Wake up and smell the chemicals. Vaccine manufacturers are, on the record, criminal organizations that are repeatedly found guilty of felony crimes—everything from price fixing to the bribery of doctors and the commission of marketing fraud.”

“Drug companies have zero ethics. They kill children to test their vaccines. They conduct medical experiments on prisoners and mental patients. Do you honestly think they wouldn’t use vaccines as a way to make people sick and create an infectious disease scare that sells more vaccines?”

That’s a pretty big indictment by Mike Adams, but I wouldn’t say its complete nonsense. Sure, medicine has made some great advances in medications and cures, but vaccines are not one of them. They are a disaster in outcomes, and a disaster for your overall health. I just read another study on German children, at Natural News.com, that shows vaccinated children are 500% more likely to get sick from a preventable disease than unvaccinated children. Let them stab your children to their own peril.

A brand new 2018 study conducted and published by the Scripps Research Institute “shows why flu shots are the greatest medical hoax in the history of science and medicine”, says Mike Adams.  The paper concludes that “the very method of modern flu vaccine manufacturing causes viral strains to mutate to non-effective structures.”  This means the strains of flu in the vaccine have been rendered worthless for the body to use as a means to protect you from anything!  

Modern medicine uses chicken eggs in which to grow the virus needed for the vaccine.  This study specifically found that the virus mutates and adapts to being grown in the egg, which causes it to be virtually worthless by the time it is injected into humans.

How do you protect yourself from the flu without a flu shot? There are three simple answers. 1. Vitamin D3, 2. More Vitamin D3, and 3. Even more Vitamin D3! The reason ‘flu season’ occurs at all is the loss of sunlight to give you vitamin D. If you aren’t taking at least 5,000 IU per day over the winter, you allow your body more susceptibility to any common virus and bacteria. I take and prescribe 10,000 IU a day, get adequate sleep, and cut out as much fructose as possible in the diet. Try it, it works.