August 11, 2016

Zika reprint part 1 of 2

Articles by Dr. Erdman are for informational purposes, and are not to be taken as specific medical advice.

I am going to reprint a two part series on the zika virus that ran back in March.  I think it is essential we understand that what zika means to us and what it means to big pharmacy and chemical companies are completely different.  The FDA just gave their blessing to release genetically modified (GM) mosquitos in the States.  They are spraying Florida with massive amounts of chemicals that produce the exact small head deformities blamed on zika. Someone is making lots of money on this ginned up pandemic.  It’s big pharmacy and big chemical companies collecting the profits for unproven “cures”. 

Well folks, it appears the vaccine makers need another infusion of taxpayer funds. It’s time for the pandemic outbreak machine, otherwise known as The World Health Organization, to create a justification for mass use of vaccines.

As we’ve seen over just the last few years, outbreaks of Asian bird flu, Swine flu and Ebola have been over hyped killers. They have all died down as suddenly as they arrived, without causing the predicted worldwide carnage.

This year, the Zika virus is being blamed for increased microcephaly cases in Brazil. Microcephaly is generally diagnosed in a newborn whose head circumference is less than 32 cm; notably smaller than normal. This condition is said to have gone from about 150 cases annually to over 4780 cases since October 2015.

The birth defect is real, and there are more cases than normal, but those are about the only facts we have. The cause of this phenomenon is not fully understood, and is a great excuse for big pharma to take advantage of people’s fears. It is more than likely that there is no single cause, especially a mosquito; but more than likely resembles some combination of chemical toxicity, vaccine damage, pesticide exposure and genetic tinkering with nature.

I just told you the generally accepted definition of microcephaly is a newborn head measurement under 32 cm. Well, here is where numbers matter. In Brazil, the government officials told health officials to report all cases where heads measured under “33 cm”, out of an abundance of caution, of course. Isn’t it surprising, then, that they got a ton of false positives? So many so, that they are now lowering the number to below 32 cm, to 31.9 for boys and 31.5 for girls. In other words, of the 4780 cases reported as of mid-February, there have only been 404 confirmed cases of microcephaly of those examined, and of those 404, only 17 of them tested positive for Zika virus. To be fair, only 1113 cases had been examined at that time, and 3670 are still to be examined. That means that cases are definitely increased, but only 17 of 1113 cases initially studied have any link at all to Zika virus. What about the other 387 confirmed cases of microcephaly? How in the world can an epidemic be declared when only 4.2% of the cases have any link to Zika virus at all?

Even the “New York Times” noted there is virtually no scientific evidence tying Zika virus to microcephaly. In humans, Zika virus causes only mild flu-like symptoms, if any, and there does not appear to be any evidence suggesting it causes birth defects. Zika was discovered in 1947 in monkeys. Prior to 2012 transmission to humans was extremely rare. In prior Zika epidemics, where 75% of the population contracted the disease, there are no records of microcephaly cases. But, But, But…Oh, never mind the actual statistics of past outbreaks.

In the USA there are over 25,000 infants diagnosed with microcephaly every year. Brazil has about 70% of the US population and they are reporting only 400 cases to date? Is this really a global emergency? Moreover, is Zika really responsible for these birth defects? The country of Columbia reported 3,177 pregnant women have tested positive for Zika virus, yet not one case of microcephaly has occurred.

The evidence suggests that our “leaders” in government and private industry (read chemical and vaccine) may be using Zika as an excuse for this rise of cases. They were quick to blame mosquitos in order to sell GM mosquitos, vaccines and pesticides. Governments want to show they are doing something, so they throw billions of taxpayer dollars at Big Pharma and Big Agriculture to “control” the epidemic.

I don’t know what the cause actually is, or the quick solution, but there are more than a few explanations that make a lot of sense. We will look at those probable scenarios in the next article. As always, think when you read the propaganda put out by the masses, it’s rarely presented with the whole truth.