September 17, 2015

Trans Fats

Articles by Dr. Erdman are for informational purposes, and are not to be taken as specific medical advice.

Over the last several years of writing these articles, I’ve hit the topic of saturated fats, cholesterol and your heart health quite a few times. The school of thought that saturated fats are good for you continues to be proven correct. Even more recent research has come in on the side of the healthiness of saturated fats. The recent research also points to the real villain that fries (no pun intended) your heart, that being trans fats.

Back in February, the US government’s Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee surprisingly eliminated warnings about dietary cholesterol and reversed their long standing nutrition policy by concluding that dietary fats have no ill effects on the heart.

For a long time healthy fats and cholesterol have been taking the blame for heart disease, but over 70 studies no show it to be a false flag.

The British Medical Journal just published a meta-analysis of many long term studies. They found no association between high levels of dietary saturated fats and heart disease
Importantly, they found no link to other life threatening diseases like stroke or diabetes either.

Do you understand what this means? It means you can eat your good red meats, eggs, milk, cheese, nuts, avocados, coconut oil and olive oil without limit! They will not harm your heart, in fact, the studies have found they help your hearts health.

So what are the latest findings on the typical medical advice to avoid saturated fats and replace them with monounsaturated fats like vegetable cooking oils) or carbohydrates? The answer is they raise your risk of non-fatal heart attacks.

The lesson here is that you want to rid your diet of trans fats (partially hydrogenated oils) and replace them with healthy saturated fats – not vegetable oils.

We all remember that our grandparents cooked with lard and beef tallow. Our parent’s doctors told them that was unhealthy and they should use these new vegetable oils. It looks like the old folks were smarter!

Tallow, lard and even coconut oil are good to use as cooking oils. The benefit they have over vegetable oils is that they resist oxidation when heated. This means they do not produce the dangerous aldehydes and other toxic oxidation products.

The US FDA even went as far as removing the partially hydrogenated vegetable oils (the primary source of trans fats) from the “generally recognized as safe” (GRAS) list. Food manufacturers have until 2018 to get trans fats out of their products.

Put your diet on track by eating real food. Select organic foods, grass fed beef, good nuts, butter, whole raw milk and pastured eggs. Trade your refined sugars and processed fructose products for healthy saturated fats.

Decades of trading these healthy fats for carbs and trans fats have left our health in shambles. Obesity, diabetes, heart disease and Alzheimer’s have gone through the roof during this time of foolishness led by American medical doctors.

Your brain needs these fats. If you diet is full of fast foods and processed food, you’d be wise to reconsider your eating habits in light of this overwhelming evidence.