April 16, 2015

Shaken Baby Syndrome, Part 3

Articles by Dr. Erdman are for informational purposes, and are not to be taken as specific medical advice.

In the last of the series of three articles on Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS), we will look at how vitamin D deficiency and vaccine aluminum adjuvants mimic SBS. Child abuse is a terrible crime, and should be punished to the fullest. But as scholars such as Dr. David Ayoub have found, thousands of cases of ‘child abuse’ are in fact misdiagnosed cases of rickets, caused by vitamin D deficiency.

Vitamin D deficiency in an infant looks different on an x-ray then it does in the classic presentation at an older age. On an x-ray, bones may appear to be broken, even to the trained radiologist ignorant of rickets presentation in infancy.

Dr. Ayoub has done in depth study of aluminum adjuvants that are in many vaccines. The one classic disease that aluminum is linked to is Vitamin D deficiency. He has found that aluminum can cause brain bleeding, just like that of the supposed SBS. If aluminum also leads to Vitamin D loss, then you have two of the most serious signs they report in SBS, brain bleeding and bone fractures. Unfortunately, these two signs have had many children stolen from good parents unwittingly by a misinformed legal system and uneducated doctors. 

Dr. Ayoub makes the point that there is a 95% reduction of rickets information in today’s textbooks for clinicians. They simply are not informed on the full scope of what rickets can look like. In infants, the bone fractures on an x-ray do not have the classic ‘fraying’ or ‘broom’ ends. The fraying bones ends are mostly noted in the one to two year old range.

According to Dr. Ayoub, whenever rickets occurs in an infant, it actually originates in the mother. He has found some common characteristics of mothers whose infants have rickets. He has noted that most live in a northern hemisphere and their average vitamin D levels were about 18-19 ng/ml, which is severely deficient. More often they were pregnant during spring when vitamin D is at its lowest. Eighty percent of the mothers he has reviewed were obese, which is another risk factor for vitamin D deficiency. About 30% smoked before or during pregnancy. There was a higher than normal rate of gestational diabetes and difficult labor in this group of women. Half of the mothers had severe musculoskeletal symptoms that were undiagnosed. Some were even on narcotic drugs due to severe musculoskeletal pain, which is a sign of adult rickets (osteomalacia). Another commonality was severe acid reflux in these women. Over 75% were taking excessive amounts of tums, which makes bone density much worse. And finally, twin births were overrepresented in these women. The risk of rickets in a twin pregnancy is 25 times that of a single birth.

That acid reflux connection is worth an extra mention. The most common over the counter antacid is Tums. Like most over the counter antacids, the major ingredient is calcium carbonate. The latest research shows that calcium carbonate actually lowers your vitamin D levels and reduces bone density. If you are pregnant, it also severely weakens your child’s bone matrix. Calcium carbonate binds phosphorus in your body, therefore reducing the ability to make bone. From the 1920’s – 1950’s calcium carbonate was given to rats to produce rickets so they could study them!

Most people believe extra calcium is needed to prevent osteoporosis. Calcium carbonate is the most popular supplement people take to get more calcium. Can you see where this is going? Since calcium carbonate reduces bone density, all of you who’ve been told to take Tums to get your calcium are getting the opposite outcome. You are causing a loss of bone mineralization by eating those chunks of chalk. But I digress.

One other cause of vitamin D deficiency is babies being fed formula. Studies published in 2006 in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition found that palm olein found in the fat blend of most formulas has “unintentional physiological consequences, including diminished intestinal absorption of fat, palmitic acid and calcium and lower bone mass.” 

Dr. Ayoub clearly shows a number of factors that can lead to brain bleeds in children with rickets. They are clinically significant, and need to be ruled out in any suspected SBS case.

As you can see, vitamin D deficiency can cause the conditions that mimic child abuse. The problem is that there is an entire industry built up on protecting a child from abuse. Many times they are working with insufficient or inadequate information, outdated information or willful disregard of current science.

The easiest way to protect your family from any of these false charges is to make sure everyone has optimal vitamin D levels. Get your vitamin D levels checked prior to pregnancy and get them optimized. This simple advice may keep your family intact and you out of jail.