October 09, 2014


Articles by Dr. Erdman are for informational purposes, and are not to be taken as specific medical advice.

I have written on this topic before, but I believe it needs to be revisited, especially here in October. As you are bombarded by pink this and pink that the entire month of October every year, I think you should be aware of the facts of the origins of “pink.”

These days, if you dare question any of this pink stuff, you are treated like some kind of woman hating monster. Nothing could be further from the truth. By exposing the myth and methods of pink, women’s lives and body parts are likely to be saved, not cheapened for drug company profits.

As you know, it all starts here in October with “Breast Cancer Awareness Month,” or as Dr. Douglass puts it “Bscam.” It was not started by scientists hunting for the cause and cure of breast cancer. It was started by a drug company.

In 1985, the Zeneca group, along with the American Cancer Society (ACA), founded B-scam. The ACA is itself a public lobbying arm of the drug and cancer industry. That leads to this question, if a drug company is marketing “awareness”, what is the benefit to them? Awareness leads to screenings, screenings leads to treatments, and treatment means drug company profits. Please don’t get me wrong, drug company profits are fine with me if what they offer is actually a benefit to patients. Make all the money you want that way.

Mammograms are the first scam in this putrid cycle. They are worthless for detection, diagnosis or prevention. There are many recent studies that prove a mammogram does not save lives or prevent cancer. They do, however, cause cancer with ionizing radiation at high levels. A Canadian Study just showed that there is no difference in the death rate from breast cancer for those with or without regular mammograms. If mammograms save lives, how can this be?

The next scam is a biopsy of an “early detected” lump. Studies show that when a lump is pierced by a needle, cancer cells enter the blood stream. Clearly, the best way to prevent a possible tumor from spreading cells is to leave it alone and intact.

One study shows that women who had a biopsy were 50% more likely to develop cancer of the lymph modes under the arm pit in the future.

Another rite that is said to be ultra-important is self-examination. They preach it from the start of puberty. The problem is that breast lumps are normal. But since we have every woman scared to death of a lump, more screenings and more unnecessary treatments are in order. Studies show most lumps will never be a problem. Of course every woman who finds a lump believes she has saved herself from death, but that is not the case. She most likely just got unnecessary treatment.

Another recent study of some 266,000 women showed that the death rate from breast cancer is the same for women who grope themselves every month and those who don’t. So why concern yourself with a pointless ‘prevention measure.”

One more thing I have read about lately is that of DNA testing for breast cancer. DNA testing is the future of medicine, but not for this reason. I’ve read where women are getting preventive mastectomies in perfectly healthy breasts. While it is true you can’t get cancer in a body part you don’t have, the studies do not back up this drastic measure.
A major new study of over 100,000 women with stage I or II breast cancer has been completed. Some of these women had just the cancerous breast taken off, others had both the cancerous and the normal breast removed. Since this is supposed to save lives, you’d think the women with a double mastectomy would have a higher survival rate. The real outcome was that there was less than a one percent difference in survival rate.

In summary, the Bscam has the perfect confluence of events. More women get screened and treated, falsely believing that treatment saved her life, then she becomes an ambassador for the pink campaign of more awareness. This vicious cycle must be stopped to save the maiming of women and the over treatment of false breast cancer scares. The science proves my skepticism.