December 13, 2012


Articles by Dr. Erdman are for informational purposes, and are not to be taken as specific medical advice.

Today we are going to look at a topic that we have been told by certain authorities is good for us and has positive health benefits.   The biggest benefit they give for fluoridating water supplies is for dental health.  Really?  Many of you believe it without ever asking about the safety or efficacy of its use. But, is fluoridation of drinking water really healthful and good for you? Does it have benefits that outweigh the risks to your health? Are there studies to guide us to a particular conclusion?  Luckily, living in the rural areas we do, this isn’t a problem for most of us.  I write this for those who have family and friends in urban areas who need this information, give it to them.

It is an established fact that fluoride has the ability to alter your endocrine function, yet this fact is basically ignored by the agencies and associations that continue to promote the practice of water fluoridation. This altered function involves the thyroid, parathyroid, pineal glands, adrenals, pancreas and pituitary. The thyroid and associated hormones are responsible for maintaining your bodies overall metabolic rate and for regulating normal growth and development.

Even small doses of fluoride can result in thyroid dysfunction in adults. In children and infants, it is even worse. In a 30lb child, intakes greater than 0.7 mg per day puts the child at risk for endocrine deficiency. The EPA (2010) estimates that children in this weight range (1-3 year olds) consume 1.5 mg per day from fluoridated water.

Secondly, fluoride is also a neurotoxin. Our brains, and especially those of developing children, are literally bombarded with neurotoxic chemicals on a daily basis. The statistics show the story. In the United States, 1 in 110 children have Autism Spectrum Disorder, 1 in 10 US children have ADHD, and 5.4 million Americans live with Alzheimer’s. We do not know the exact causes of these alarming diseases, but shouldn’t we do everything possible to protect our brains from toxins we do know about?

There are over 24 studies since 2006 that have determined that fluoride is associated with lowered IQ. A very significant IQ study published in 2011 by Ding et al, showed a clear linear correlation between fluoride levels in children’s urine and lowered IQ scores.  They calculated that there will be a lowering of IQ by .59 points for every 1 mg/L of urinary fluoride.  That’s dramatic!

In 2006, the American Dental Association, which promotes fluoridation of drinking water, sent out an email to alert its members of their new recommendation to parents to NOT use fluoridated tap water to make infant formula. A few days later, the CDC did the same. But neither of them openly informed the public. Isn’t that nice? Bet you never heard that one, did you?

Thirdly, fluoride intake over many years leads to an increasing toxicity level as we age. Up to half of the ingested fluoride accumulates in your bones, the other half is secreted in urine. Fluoride appears to interfere with the process of bone remodeling. As people age and kidney function decreases, the ability to secrete excess fluoride decreases, so your bones retain more. This excess in bone leads to increased risk of bone fracture in the elderly. In the past, fluoride was given as an experimental drug to people with osteoporosis. They found it consistently decreased bone density and increased the rate of hip fractures.  That’s a good reason not to give it to anyone.

The US is one of only eight countries in the world that fluoridate more than 50% of its water supply. According to the WHO, countries that fluoridate have no better teeth than those who don’t. Another fact that blows this whole argument out of the water is that ingested fluoride does nothing for teeth. The fluoride must come in contact with the outer layer of the tooth in order for there to be any ‘benefit’. Now you know that those fluoride pills being pushed by some dentists are completely unnecessary, and can do vicious harm to your children’s health. Don’t give it to your kids, for their health.

The real cause of tooth decay is acids in your mouth, typically created from sugar being metabolized by bacteria. Eventually, without proper dental care, the acids can get into the dentin layer and cause decay. Brush your teeth with fluoride if you want, but I don’t even like that idea.

In summary, the health dangers of fluoride in the water supply are numerous, and they far outweigh any perceived benefit to your teeth. It is both unnecessary and avoidable, and is completely ineffective. There is a reason we don’t put medication in our water supply, and fluoride is a medicine. You can’t control who gets a particular dosage, and your freedom to consent to being medicated is denied. If you live in a municipality that fluoridates its’ water, get a good water filtration system to remove it and other toxins. I hope this helps in your decision making the next time you are presented with the fluoride dilemma.