April 19, 2012

Whooping Cough Vaccine

Articles by Dr. Erdman are for informational purposes, and are not to be taken as specific medical advice.

I’ve just finished reading an article published in Reuters Health Section. As you know from my previous writings, I am pretty much completely opposed to routine vaccination of children or adults. All the real science, not that which is done by the drug makers themselves, says it is a dangerous and worthless endeavor. The title of the article is “Whooping cough vaccine fades in pre-teens: study.” The pertussis vaccine is a part of the five shot series given to babies known as DTaP, or the old DTP term.

This retrospective review of a 2010 whooping cough outbreak in California admits that the majority of those cases were in kids who were immunized. This was a study done by Dr. David Witt, an infectious disease specialist at the “Keiser Permanente Medical Center” in San Rafael, California.

This outbreak was the largest in California in over fifty years. The article says the loss of protection is due to “fading” and “wearing off” as kids get older. But, wait just one stinking minute! Aren’t we told that if you get a shot, it is just like getting the natural protection of actually getting the disease? The whole basis of vaccines is protection from that disease. This doctor openly admits to a much worse situation. They found out vaccines make kids more vulnerable to infection than unvaccinated children. What a stunning admission by the establishment. They are essentially saying we know vaccines don’t work, but everybody should be vaccinated anyway.

This study also admits there have been no studies on any vaccine’s long term effectiveness. A spokesperson for GSK, a maker of the pertussis vaccine said this, “GSK has never studied the duration of the vaccines protection after the shots given to four to six year olds.” What?! Now the line of mainstream vaccine pushers is that vaccines fade out over time. So, your body forgets the antibodies, they now admit, so you need a booster shot, what else? (Repeat sales, anyone?)

If the vaccines don’t really invoke lifetime antibodies at all, the whole vaccine mythology crumbles! No lifetime antibodies mean they don’t really work like real infections, which do produce lifetime antibodies. What is worse is this shows vaccines make children more susceptible to the disease vaccinated for.

This continuous, mindless call for vaccinations utterly contradicts scientific results. Yet, the call keeps coming with zero skepticism and no intelligent questioning by the lame stream media. Why?

Naturalnews.com says this: “Whooping cough vaccines, it turns out, do nothing to reduce the rate of whooping cough infections. But they do accomplish something else that is even more important for big pharma. Care to guess what that is?

You guessed it: Whooping cough vaccines keep whooping cough in circulation. The vaccines cause the very disease they claim to treat, so the more kids that get vaccinated, the more outbreaks occur! This results in more people calling for more vaccines.” The drug companies found out long ago the best way to sell a vaccine is to make sure the vaccine becomes a pathway to re-infection and repeat business!

IF you think I’m off my rocker, you can go read the transcript of a talk by Dr. Maurice Hilleman, a Merck scientist, admitting to the introduction of AIDS and cancer viruses into vaccines. Here is the link: www.naturalnews.com/033584_DR_Maurice_Hilleman_SV40.html.

“When it comes to vaccines, the only thing the major papers and TV/radio outlets know how to do is rephrase corporate press releases and spout vaccine propaganda that ends up harming, maiming, and often killing more innocent children.”, says Mike Adams, Health Ranger editor. I couldn't have said it any clearer.